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Natural Fiber carpets usually cover the common "grass plants" (Seagrass, Sisal, Jute, Hemp, Bamboo), as well as Wool and Silk. All of these have their own positives and appropriate place on the floor. These products are typically sought for their natural beauty including sometimes their natural imperfections. Many of these materials have been used for rug making for thousands of years proving time tested qualities.
Cost Effective- Today, there are many affordable options for natural fiber flooring.
Comfort- While wool is comonly associated with comfort, many other types of natural fibers are tightly woven and firm.
Warmth- Again, wool is the natural fiber that is associated with insulation and temperature control.
Fashion- Available in an ever increasing number of patterns, most natural fiber products still maintain their natural charm by being simple yet sophisitcated while rich in texture.
Durable- This varies depending on the fiber. Some are more water repelent, and some are better for traffic.
Sustainable- Most natural fiber products are harvested from renewable resourses.

Some natural fiber such as sisal, can easily be stained, while some others such as seagrass, can be torn if pulled hard
Natural fiber products (especially handmade) will have imperfections that are considered part of the charm of the material, not a defect.
There are synthetic carpets available (usually appropriate for outdoor use as well) that mimic the look of some natural weaves.

Lester Carpet has a very large selection of natural fiber products that we can order, and some in our inventory. We carry many materials in different colors and weaves.
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