Lic #609710
Carpet (synthetic and wool)
typically $2-$5 (specialty carpets up to $15)
Vinyl (sheet)/linoleum
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
Rubber (commercial)
Natural Fiber (Seagrass/Sisal/Jute)
The following are approximate ranges for flooring costs. There are obviously products that fall outside of this range, but this chart reflects the most common spread for price per foot including installation (multiply by 9 for square yard).
Other factors that can affect the final price of the flooring include services outside or in addition to basic installation. These include, but are not necesarily limited to:
-Furniture moving
-Freight from the mill
-Delivery charge (for area rugs)
-Binding (typically for area rugs)
-Carpeting steps
-Carpeting bathrooms
-Hard surface removal and disposal
-Substrate repair
-Additional materials (tack strip, transitions,  base shoe, plywood, etc.)
We also carry our own inventory of roll specials, seconds, and discontinued products at a discount. Our inventory of carpets ranges from short rolls to full rolls.
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