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Cost Effective- Carpet has a wide range for pricing, but is still typically one of the most cost effective flooring options
Comfort- Carpet provides one of the most comfort friendly flooring options, especially when installed over padding
Warmth- Carpet provides insulation and helps to regulate room temperatures
Sound suppression- Carpet (and carpet cusion) are a superior choice for sound deadening
Fashion- With endless amount of colors, textures, patterns, and material combinations, the design opportunities are unlimited
Durable- New technologies are producing tougher, more stain/crush resistant fibers than ever before
Changeable- Carpet is easily changed, or upgraded if needed in the future

Carpet requires regular maintenance. Vacuuming at least weekly, and professional cleaning annually are usually recommended.
Carpet can be stained, soiled, or crushed. Preventative care must be taken with all carpet.
Some carpets can get snags or pulls if subjected to abuse.
Window treatments are recommended to prevent fading.
   ester Carpet offers carpets from a large number of carpet mills. We can special order carpets from our showroom, and we have thousands of specials stocked locally in our warehouses. Our inventory consists of synthetics and wools in specials, off goods, and discontinued products all at a discount.
Saxony/Plush/Cut: Textured or straight cut, this style is a classic look with different densities available for a wide range of traffic situations. These carpets tend to be uniform, and are very common.

Freize/Twist: This style has longer threads than the traditional plush carpet. These longer threads generally hide seams and traffic patterns better than most carpets. Typically, a twist takes much of the impact from foot trafic along the sides of the threads instead of the top allowing the carpet to look newer over time. Solid and mulitcolored twists have depth allowing more versitility in the color scheme of the room.
Loop: Also often referred to as a berber (which was traditionally a light colored carpet with multi colored flecks), looped carpets also come in a wide range of durability. It has a clean modern look, and can often keep spills or soiling at the surface where it is easier to clean.
Cut and loop/Pattern: Offering a contemporary look through visual designs, this style uses a combination of sheared and looped threads. Patterns can be geometric or abstract, with different size pattens. Again, there is a wide range for durability with this style.
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